These questions sometimes make us feel confused about whether prostitution is related to rape in any case or not. Well, first of all, understand that rape is when the other party is not ready for it. When you are forcing a girl to have sex with you, it is rape. But in prostitution, the girl is having sex with you against her own will. You are not forcing her to do anything. So yes, it is right to say that it is not a paid form of rape.

Paid rape

Along with that, keep in mind that if the girl is forced into prostitution in any way, it may be considered a rape. since you are not aware of it and you are paying for the service, there is nothing wrong with it.

We recommend that you ask a prostitute whether she is willing to be a prostitute. If you are someone who does follow ethics, then this will save you for a while. The escort will let you know whether she is comfortable with having sex with you or whether she is forced to do the same.

Is prostitution really just a form of paid rape?

If she is forced to drop the idea right away, look out for someone else. Do not consider such escorts who are forced into prostitution because it can turn out to be a form of paid rape.

In my personal opinion, it depends totally on the individual how they are considering it. If they are considering it because it is a paid drive, they can drop the idea. If they are happy with it, then there is no need for them to think much about it.

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